Spider Solitaire Arkadium

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Game description

In Spider, the goal is to remove all the cards from the table by creating "runs" of cards. Each run needs to be organized in descending order from king to ace. In games with more than one suit, runs need to be same suit to be considered complete. Completed runs are automatically removed from the table for you. In spider, kings are high and aces are low. You can build runs by moving cards between columns as long as they stack in proper sequence. In games with more than one suit, you can mix different suits in the same sequence, if you want. Just remember a run as to be entirely the same suit to be removed from the table. In games with more than one suit, you can only move stacks containing one suit. If you ever have an empty column, you can place any card there, or any sequential stack in the same suit. There is no limit as to how many cards you can move at once. Click on the settings icon in the game for more information regarding how to play Spider Solitaire.

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Spider Solitaire Arkadium is an online game made with HTML5. This game will work in all modern browsers.

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